Animated Reading: The Crowning

This week we launch our fourth animated reading. The next five weeks of blog posts will draw from themes in this poem.  If you like the video, please share with others.

The Crowning

There once was a crown.

Upon the head of God it was worn

So by love for the world

Would freedom be born –

Through a crown

Made only of thorns.


God set a standard

From the earliest of time,

The freedom and life

He’s delivered to us

Though free to receive is

Quite costly indeed.


It cost him his life, and so too for us.

To him I surrender, regardless the price.

Your will not mine

Is my sacrifice.


So along with the Psalmist

This prayer in my heart

Shall daily be born –

“Change me O Lord, every part —

And I, like you too, shall

Welcome my thorns.”


Revive me my God.

Restore me my Friend.

Breathe upon my empty soul

Until I’m alive to your love once again.


You are patient. You are kind.

When I stray, your love is relentless

When I return, your forgiveness complete.


This is mercy in its severest form

Your gracious fire to purge my soul

Of the sinful stain that would not go.

Your Holy Spirit to raise me up

From the cords of death and loss of hope.


Oh thank you!  Thank You my God!

You have not left me alone.

For today in your truth I’ve found mercy and grace

So that holiness of heart finds its prominent place.


So along with the Psalmist

This prayer in my heart

Shall daily be born –

“Change me O God, every part

And I, like you too,

Shall welcome my thorns.”


This poem has been adapted from the poem by the same name in, David Trementozzi, Light for the Dark Night: Embracing a Heart of Holy Desperation (Maitland, Fl.: Xulon, 2005).


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Author: David Trementozzi

David Trementozzi is married to his wife, Emily and they have three children—Judah, Kaleb, and Halle. David likes to write on topics related to Christian faith and their contemporary relevance. He has a B.A. in Psychology (Messiah College), Masters of Divinity, and Ph.D in Theology (Regent University). David is currently a professor of Theology at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium. To learn more about David, go to the About David page above.