Rethinking Surrender

Desperate for God. This has been the theme we’ve focused on since the very first blog and we have done so through the notion of “postures” or attitudes of holy desperation. So far we have talked about the postures of spiritual brokenness and stillness and this week we introduce the third posture—surrender. To speak of surrender is to consider the ultimate purpose of Christian faith. It’s easy to give lip service to this self-denying virtue but another to actually live it out.

Christian surrender is the response of a heart convinced of the truth that the fullest and richest life is found by completely giving oneself to God—holding nothing back. Though self-denial runs against the grain of every human soul, it’s necessary for laying hold of the kind of life to which God has called us. Don’t be afraid; as we examine this daunting posture we will begin to catch a glimpse of the life for which we’ve always dreamed.

The posture of surrender may look like a tall order but really it’s not. Not for those who’ve encountered the presence of God in the posture of brokenness and not for those who’ve found peace from an anxiously frantic world through the posture of stillness. Such ones are on a journey to discover a renewal of their faith and a restoration of hope. If this is you, then the posture of surrender is simply another step along your present journey of faith. If you are not quite sure about making such a commitment, it is our prayer that the weeks and months ahead will encourage you to trust God with your life in a way you’ve never done before.

What does this new posture look like? The heart surrendered to God is committed to obedience. Real obedience to the words of Christ can never be a half-hearted matter . . . it’s all or nothing.  These ones have decided that self-interest will no longer rule the throne of their hearts.  Such ones have grasped the wonderful key to life – “It’s not about me!”  This lifestyle knows well the words of Jesus in Matthew 10:39, “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

Surrender to God is never a burden but a joy; it is fueled by an experiential understanding of the surrendered love of God in Christ for us. Love and passion for God are the only forces strong enough to draw a believer into the place of surrender and keep him or her there. Why? Because the wonder and joy of his love ruins us for anything else. Next week we introduce our ninth devotional poem, Nothing Changes but Everything is Different.


What Do You Think?

Does the posture of surrender scare you? What would it take for you to embrace such an attitude? What would it take for you to more fully entrust God with the throne of your heart?


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Author: David Trementozzi

David Trementozzi is married to his wife, Emily and they have three children—Judah, Kaleb, and Halle. David likes to write on topics related to Christian faith and their contemporary relevance. He has a B.A. in Psychology (Messiah College), Masters of Divinity, and Ph.D in Theology (Regent University). David is currently a professor of Theology at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium. To learn more about David, go to the About David page above.