Animated Reading: Nothing Changes but Everything is Different

This week we launch our ninth animated reading. The next five weeks of blog posts will draw from themes in this poem.  If you like the video, please share with others.

Nothing Changes but Everything is Different

Lord, You’re so amazing!

How do You do it?


In ages past

You spoke reality where none was found.

You did it in Creation –

Void to visible,

Something from nothing.

Still today

You speak reality where none is found.

You do it with me –

Confusion to confidence,

Something from nothing.


Nothing changes but everything is different.


In despair’s dungeon,

In sorrow’s cell,

I am broken

Upon the rocks.


Hope’s handle holds no more.

When descent no more can drop

I fall down





From the depths of deep

I look up and cry,

“My God, my God,

I am ruined, I am doomed!

Forsake me not!

You’re all I have!

Unless You come

I’ll surely die!”


Then it happens …

Then He comes.

Turmoil’s siren subsides,

Quiet calm comes.


They ask me, “How?”

I do not know.

I can’t explain.

My world about me remains unchanged,

Yet somehow within, a new one’s birthed.

I now can see,

I have new eyes.

Nothing changes but everything is different.

I now have hope!


In an instant a world is released,

In a moment a universe made known.

Blackness remains, hope is released,

Circumstance still stands, yet faith is born.


Honesty’s eyeglasses unlock dungeon’s door …

When I see me honestly,

I see Him accurately,

And though nothing changes, everything is different.


The Unseen Real in that instant of time

Slips into sight and I

Am anchored in hope.

Nothing has changed but everything is different –


I now see Your ever-present love

Invading my life,

Surrounding my world –

And not just now,

But always before.


In delightful discovery I cry out,

“Change, I do not need you!

Alteration, variation, transformation,

You are not my need!”


I have found my one true need …

Jesus Christ the Changeless One –

Who makes all things new!


The idol of change has been broken

And the Lord is given His rightful place.


With my face in the dust I cry out as Job,

“Before, my ears alone of You had heard

But now my eyes on You have gazed

And I repent in dust and ashes.”


Yes, nothing has changed but everything is different!


This poem (by David Trementozzi) has been adapted from the poem by the same name in, David Trementozzi, Light for the Dark Night: Embracing a Heart of Holy Desperation (Maitland, Fl.: Xulon, 2005).


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Author: David Trementozzi

David Trementozzi is married to his wife, Emily and they have three children—Judah, Kaleb, and Halle. David likes to write on topics related to Christian faith and their contemporary relevance. He has a B.A. in Psychology (Messiah College), Masters of Divinity, and Ph.D in Theology (Regent University). David is currently a professor of Theology at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium. To learn more about David, go to the About David page above.