About Desperate for God

At this site, you will find weekly posts to help renew faith and restore hope for Christian living. One of the greatest challenges Christians face—sometimes on a daily basis—is how to reconcile faith with suffering, discouragement, and loss while still believing that God is good and faithful.

Unfortunately, such questions are rarely ever fully resolved. Sometimes pat answers or superficial responses are given because the ambiguity of uncertainty can be difficult to bear. Even more, if we are not careful, we can allow the lack of answers to throw us into a depressive cycle of hopelessness. Despite this, we must not stop asking our questions and we must be honest in doing so. Similarly, we will never gain the faith we hope to have tomorrow if we are not first honest about the questions of faith we have today. The journey to this end can be difficult and stretching but there is an end and it is God’s intention to bring us there.

So where are you?  Do the things that once brought you joy and fulfillment now seem empty and meaningless? This is what Saint John of the Cross coined, the dark night of the soul.  Such a night could be a time of physical suffering, a season of bitter grief, a journey through broken relationships and awareness of lost dreams, or simply a general season of spiritual dryness. We wonder where God is in this night because he seems unaware of our pain and suffering. In short, the dark night is a time when we feel the apparent silence and distance of God.

At Desperate for God, we are committed to inspiring holy desperation. This quality of heart is critical for nurturing a dynamic faith capable of growth in hope, peace, joy, and contentment regardless the storms we face. Toward this end, our hearts and minds need to re-envision God as trustworthy, even when we don’t understand his ways. To help us gain such a vision, each week’s devotional post will pull from a variety of my writing genres—devotional reflection, poems, prayers, allegory, and theology.

Finally, you are not alone in this journey … we are all in it together. We just hope you will join us each week as we learn what it means to live desperate for God! So, come on … let’s get started!